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Scraping websites with LXML

The internet is such a big place, and it is still growing exponentially together with the (also) growing trend of data traffic. Sometimes, that what just matters is all that we need. Links, paragraphs, keywords are three examples of data that we care about: the metadata. LXML is a great library that…

Bart Simons Bart Simons API - Getting Started

The Ghost blogging software platform makes great use of top-of-the-line technologies, and with that comes a great public API that you can use to integrate Ghost with your current software. It does only take about half an hour to learn the basics, and could be a great new method for you to publish yo…

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Raspberry Pi Kiosk Tutorial

The Raspberry Pi has proven itself to be a great computing device while keeping cost as low as possible. For less than $40 you are getting a great little device with its 64-bit ARM processor. This made me think, would it be a good idea to turn the Raspberry Pi 3 into a kiosk? The software that you'l…

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