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Controlling Sonos devices with the Sonos API

Sonos speakers are awesome. I have owned a Sonos Play:3 for almost one month now and I must say that I am surprised by the design, sound quality and support. And did you even know you can control your Spotify devices programmatically? This post is going to be a quick overview on how this works, and…

Bart SimonsBart Simons

Send SMS messages with PowerShell

Introduction Programmatically sending SMS messages is easier than ever before. Companies like Nexmo and Twilio have been providing businesses with communication APIs that are so easy to implement in your current software that even the lowest skilled developers can work with it. The big disadvantage…

Bart SimonsBart Simons API - Getting Started

The Ghost blogging software platform makes great use of top-of-the-line technologies, and with that comes a great public API that you can use to integrate Ghost with your current software. It does only take about half an hour to learn the basics, and could be a great new method for you to publish yo…

Bart SimonsBart Simons