I'm live, I guess...


Welcome to my new website

Hello and have a good day! My name is Bart Simons and I am the person behind this website. I used to have a static, basic website running on this domain so I decided to fiddle around a bit with a new and lightweight web framework that's robust, stable and simple. I do now have Ghost installed on my server and It's my first time using it though, and thus I'm really looking forward to learn about the possibilities of this framework. The biggest surprise for me was the intuitive way blog posts are written: instead of using HTML, Ghost actually uses the markdown language for creating and editing a blog post.

A little bit about myself

So, again: I'm Bart Simons, a 19 year old starting developer and IT management student based in The Netherlands. The programming languages I currently use the most are Python for Linux and Mac OS X and PowerShell on Windows. I am experienced and familiar with most OOP languages like C# and C++. I am both experienced with managing both Windows and Linux-based servers, but my preference goes out to Linux.

What's keeping me busy lately

I've been playing a lot with LXC containerization for the last month. I would highly recommend it to system administrators, and it's also a great alternative to Docker. You can check out my Github profile here if you are interested in my programming work. I have published two useful PowerShell modules, feel free to check them out: they actually are pretty useful.

The future

I'm really looking forward to start some new Github projects once I have some free time available. Fiddling around with Visual Studio and C# is also a thing on my high priority list :)