IceWarp Installation Script

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Are you currently searching for an easy way to install IceWarp Business Mail Server on Linux, preferably a Debian-based distribution? There's an easy way to automate that! I've written this awesome script in less than one hour:


# IceWarp Download And Deployment Script
# Created by Bart Simons, 2016

# Dependencies:
#  - wget
#  - pv

echo "Downloading IceWarp..."  
wget -q --show-progress -O icewarp.tar.gz

echo "Creating working directory..."  
mkdir icewarp

echo "Extracting IceWarp..."  
pv icewarp.tar.gz | tar -xzf - --strip-components=1 -C icewarp

echo "Changing directory to working directory..."  
cd icewarp

echo "Executing installer..."  

echo "Removing installation files..."  
cd ..  
rm icewarp.tar.gz  
rm -rf icewarp

echo "Done!"  

This should work, good luck with your brand new IceWarp installation!